Janet Bennett, Ph.D., is executive director of the Intercultural Communication Institute, sponsor of the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication, and director of the Master of Arts Degree in Intercultural Relations. She specializes in developing theory and training methods for individuals who teach, train or manage across cultures. As an educator and consultant, she designs and conducts intercultural training for colleges and universities, corporations, government and social service agencies, and professional associations. She teaches in the training and development program at Portland State University, and recently edited the Sage Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence.

Sandra Fowler, a past president of SIETAR International and past treasurer of SIETAR USA, conducts organizational development, intercultural consulting, and training activities for a wide variety of clients in the public and private sectors.  Previously, she managed the U.S. Navy’s cross-cultural program.  Ms. Fowler’s training experience began in 1973 on the research team that developed Bafa Bafa, a classic simulation game for cross-cultural training.  In addition to SIETAR, she has served on the board of directors for NASAGA, is currently a reviewer for Simulation & Gaming: An International Journal of Theory, Practice and Research, and she is the third winner of SIETAR’s Primus Inter Pares award.

Peggy Pusch is a long-time cross-cultural trainer, consultant, author and editor.  She is perhaps best known for her role as co-founder, former president, CEO, and editor of the Intercultural Press for over 15 years. She has been the Associate Director of the Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI), and has been on the faculty at the Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication (SIIC) every year from 1987 to 2014. She has been active for many years in various local community and national organizations and professional associations, including the NAFSA Association of International Educators where she served as president in the mid-1990s, and from which she received a regional award for Outstanding Leadership in International Education.

Dr. Gordon C. Watanabe, a founding partner of Personal Leadership Seminars, consults in corporate, educational, and other organizational settings (most recently the Esalen Institute) on Personal Leadership, diversity, and intercultural competence. He is a professor emeritus and former special assistant to the president for intercultural relations at Whitworth University, where he focused on the role of deep self-understanding in successful cross-cultural negotiations and intercultural team building. Gordon was initiated as a meditation teacher in 2000, and now also offers energy meditation seminars. He has taught middle school biology and teacher education, and advised and counseled university-level international, study abroad, and minority students.



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