Level 1: Intercultural Foundations Certificate



This certificate reflects your completion of learning activities grounded in intercultural theory and practice gained in workshops offered at ICI’s Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC). The certificate can also include other ICI-sponsored learning activities such as the MA in Intercultural Relations (MAIR) program, training for the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI), and training for the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES). You can complete the certificate by attendance at SIIC and in a variety of other ways built around your attending SIIC. To complete the certificate, you will have investigated a range of intercultural topics that includes both conceptual foundations and current practice.



Requirements: You will need to complete the following learning activities:


  • Attend 15 days (or 13 days and 6 evening programs) of training offered by SIIC or other ICI-sponsored learning activities. Please note that 3 evening programs equal one day of training. A minimum of 5 days of training at SIIC is required.


  • You can meet this requirement over several summers of SIIC or by taking other ICI-sponsored learning along with your attendance at SIIC.


  • This requirement can also be achieved by your serving as a SIIC Fellow for one summer. 



Application: After you complete all required learning activities, submit:



  • A list of each activity (workshop, course, evening program, etc.) that you are using to meet the requirements of the certificate. For SIIC workshops, please include copies of the Certificates of Completion; for each evening program, write a short paragraph that describes the event and its relevance to your intercultural learning.


  • A copy of your current resume.


  • A letter of application (2-4 pages) indicating how the training you received blends theory and practice in ways that are useful for you. For example, you might reflect on how a specific theory or model you learned has helped you in pursuing your personal interests or professional goals and how your behavior or practice has changed because of that new knowledge. The purpose of this letter is to allow you to reflect on the coherence and relevance of your learning to your life or work.



Evaluation Fee: US$125




For More Information: certificate@intercultural.org




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