The Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI) is a nonprofit charity with the mission of fostering an awareness and appreciation of cultural difference in both the international and domestic arenas. ICI was founded by Janet Bennett and Milton Bennett in fulfillment of the vision of Stanton D. Bennett, an international businessman whose life reflected a commitment to world peace, hospitality to foreign visitors, and generous support for education. Janet Bennett serves as the executive director, and the ICI board is composed of Janet Bennett, Helen Elahi, Sandra Fowler, Margaret Pusch and Gordon Watanabe.

ICI is based on the belief that we share an ethical commitment to further intercultural work that has been shown to contribute to better understanding and reduced conflict among people of different cultures. In addition to sponsoring intercultural institutes as part of this mission, ICI maintains an extensive research library available year-round for intercultural scholars and practitioners, conducts a graduate degree program and a certificate program, provides referrals and information on intercultural topics, maintains an assessment center, and supports professional activities in the field. 

ICI has an academic relationship with Portland State University, which offers credit for Summer Institute courses. Portland State University and ICI also collaborate to offer an Intercultural Training Certificate. In addition, ICI has professional partnerships with the Kozai Group, Cultural Detective®, and Aperian Global.




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