Reflections on QIIC 2015

Hi, I’m Steve Bushill and I teach Intercultural Studies at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai and I love stories from around the world. One of my favorites is a story from India that tells of six blind men who come across an elephant. Each holds a different part of the elephant and tries to tell the others what the elephant is like from their perspective.

My memories of QIIC are similar. People arrive in a spirit of honest curiosity and humility to share and discover more about the nature of Intercultural Communication. Some have read, written and taught a lot about it. Others have experienced it in multicultural families or businesses. Still others know very little about it and are only just becoming curious. All end up leaving with more information, ideas, different questions and contacts, which promise future discoveries and discussions.

Does that sound like a great way to spend your time?

Be careful though… you might just find yourself wanting more and booking flights to Oregon for the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication in July… I did!