Volunteer Opportunities

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ICI is looking for volunteers that are interested in the intercultural field, at both a theoretical and practical level, for its Volunteer Program. This program incorporates many aspects of working in the multicultural field by assisting with the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC) at Reed College during July, and in the Portland ICI office during the rest of the year.

Volunteers are selected after an application process and an interview with the volunteer coordinator. There are a variety of tasks, responsibilities, and projects that my be available, depending on your skills and experience. This work is unpaid; however, we do offer the opportunity to attend SIIC workshops as compensation.

Work times are negotiable, and to be discussed with the volunteer coordinator, with the exception of times that are required during SIIC.

The objectives of the ICI Volunteer Program are to develop both knowledge and skills to:

  • Help maintain the largest intercultural library in the world
  • Share in program operations, from resource entry to management of multiple onsite programs, as skills develop
  • Assist in preparation of workshop materials that will be used in carrying out the professional development of our education programs
  • Update electronic databases
  • Prepare for, move, and set up SIIC at Reed College
  • Help the ICI team operate SIIC, providing overall assistance to staff and participants as needed
  • Attend SIIC workshops

For more information, an application form, or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Sandra Garrison-Whitmore

Library Director / Volunteer & Work Exchange Coordinator