18. A Mindful Approach to Intercultural Learning and Teaching

Session II A: July 16-20, 2018

In this course you’ll explore an often-overlooked aspect of intercultural learning and teaching: the cultivation of mindfulness.  Practicing mindfulness can help us learn to respond with equanimity in the face of disorienting or challenging cultural differences, and to more effectively and appropriately bridge cultural differences.

You’ll have opportunities to learn and practice a four-phase intercultural learning and teaching process, explore the role that mindfulness plays throughout this process, experiment with various mindfulness practices, and design a project to incorporate mindfulness into your own intercultural work.

Designed for

This workshop is designed for anyone involved in intercultural teaching or training who would like to explore the incorporation of mindfulness practices into your lives and/or work. All levels of experience with mindfulness are welcome.

Workshop Objectives

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice a four-phase developmental learning and teaching process
  • Understand the role that mindfulness plays throughout this process
  • Work on the development of your own intercultural competence through this same four-phase process
  • Understand key neuroscience research linking this state of mind with intercultural learning and development
  • Develop or deepen your own practice
  • Explore some arguments commonly advanced in support of and against mindfulness
  • Design an action plan to incorporate mindfulness into your own intercultural teaching, as appropriate

Learning Activities

  • Exercises, including but not limited to mindful meditations
  • Experiential activities that allow participants to explore and practice their own experience within each of the four developmental phases
  • Practicing several different approaches to interculturally debriefing ourselves and others
  • Individual and pair work
  • Small- and large-group discussions
  • Short lectures
  • Action planning
Mick Vande Berg intercultural communication studies

Dr. Mick Vande Berg has held leadership positions at several institutions and organizations well-known for their commitment to intercultural education, and he has been teaching, training and coaching interculturally for several decades. He has led multiple intercultural research projects and published widely. A founding board member of the Forum on Education Abroad, he is a 2012 recipient of the Forum’s Peter A. Wollitzer award and the 2014 IDI Intercultural Competence Award.

Tara Harvey intercultural communication skills

Dr. Tara Harvey has been in the international/intercultural education field for more than 17 years—teaching English abroad, advising international students, conducting research, teaching intercultural courses, designing curriculum, and training fellow educators. Tara has worked at Texas A&M, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and as academic director of Intercultural Learning at CIEE. As founder of True North Intercultural, Tara provides intercultural consulting, training, and coaching services to support and promote intercultural learning in higher education.