36. Tools for Increasing Effectiveness Across Cultures

Session III B: July 23-25, 2018

This highly interactive class will help participants discover ways to increase effectiveness with those who are different from themselves. After reviewing definitions of culture, we will introduce exercises exploring perceptions, communication styles, nonverbal behaviors, conflict styles and cultural/behavior differences and their roles in creating stress among individuals. We will explore diverse ways of learning and engage in exercises that apply that learning.

Designed for

Those who are new to the field of intercultural communication and practitioners who want to increase their effectiveness when communicating with others.

Workshop Objectives

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Review definitions of culture
  • Explore diverse ways of learning

Learning Activities

  • Use exercises to explore perceptions, communication styles, nonverbal behaviors, conflict styles, and cultural/behavior differences and their roles in creating stress
  • Engage in exercises that apply diverse ways of learning
Elina Rodriguez effective intercultural communication

Elina Rodriguez is from Holguin, Cuba. She immigrated to the United States as a political refugee in 1980 and has lived in Chicago, Illinois, ever since. Leaving Cuba also meant abandoning her pursuit of a career in medicine to begin to learn the world of human resources management in both profit and non-profit corporations. Her own challenges of learning to rebuild her life in a new culture and a desire to help others who might go through similar experiences led her to learn about diversity, inclusion, and intercultural issues. Elina has been an independent consultant for the last ten years and has recently been focusing on  the intersection of culture, faith/spirituality, and social justice efforts. She completed a Master of Arts in Christian Education degree at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL, last year. This is her 11th time at SIIC and her 10th year as Fellows Coordinator.

Adriana Medina