C. Training Active Bystanders: Building Strength and Collaboration Within and Across Cultures and Communities

Sample of SIIC: July 13, 2019

This one-day course based in experiential learning focuses on learning to anticipate, think about, reflect on, and confront verbal, physical, and attitudinal violence with non-violence. We will discuss the origins of violent attitudes and behavior and approaches to minimize and/or eliminate its repercussions. We will also consider the intercultural ramifications of this engagement, as well as the negatives and positives of non-violent interventions.

Designed for

Everyday citizens and professionals who have a strong impulse and desire to create safer communities in and around their lives.

Learning Activities

  • Brief presentations
  • Small and large group discussions
  • Brainstorming and troubleshooting sessions
  • Short readings
  • Games, activities, and role plays
Daniel Cantor Yalowitz cross cultural communication strategies

Dr. Daniel Cantor Yalowitz is an international trainer and consultant whose work focuses on community-building, conflict transformation, archetypal psychology, social and emotional intelligences, and play. As former dean and vice provost for graduate education at the School for International Training Graduate Institute, Daniel has facilitated credit-bearing courses, presentations, intensive trainings and workshops, conference keynotes, and plenaries in 88 countries to date. Daniel’s primary focus through all of his professional endeavors is on social justice and equity issues. He is a committed community activist whose work has been featured on TV and radio in the US and UK.