7. Foundations of Communicating Interculturally: Making Sense of Identity and Diversity

March 12-14, 2019

We are all members of multiple cultural groups, yet talking about the differences between us and finding common ground can be challenging, especially in today’s politically charged world. In this workshop we will introduce concepts useful for analyzing differences in cultural values, communication styles, and ways of relating to others in both domestic and international contexts. Participants will have many opportunities to explore how to better understand and communicate about culture, as well as helping others engage these discussions in a constructive way in workplaces, schools, or other contexts.

Mary Meares intercultural communication in the workplace

Dr. Mary Meares is on the faculty at the University of Alabama, where her research focuses on intercultural groups, workplace diversity, virtual teams, and perceptions of voice. She has taught intercultural and organizational communication in the U.S. and Japan, and served as the first intercultural specialist for the Semester at Sea comparative cultures study-abroad program. Mary has been recognized for her teaching, receiving the Faculty Mentor of the Year at Washington State University and the University of Alabama Alumni Association Award for Teaching. She has consulted for educational, corporate, and public service organizations in the areas of intercultural transitions, team building, and conflict.