3. Emotional Intelligence for Teams

March 12-14, 2019

Most work in organizations is accomplished through teams where success depends on the cohesion and communication of those teams. While differences bring great potential for creativity and engagement, those same differences can also be the catalysts for frustration, discord, and miscommunication. Reaping the benefits of diversity requires the ability to capture the energy of emotions and direct it in productive ways. This developmental program presents a new paradigm of the intersection of emotional intelligence and diversity. It provides those working in diverse groups the intra- and interpersonal insight, skills, and tools to build teams that use differences wisely and the power of emotions to increase team ability.

This workshop has an $18 materials fee to cover the cost of the assessment tool.

Lee Gardenswartz intercultural communication competence

Dr. Lee Gardenswartz, a partner in Gardenswartz & Rowe and the Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute, has been consulting with organizations regarding diversity since 1980, including NASA, University of Wisconsin and Shell Oil. Lee and her professional partner, Anita Rowe, co-authored the award-winning Managing Diversity: A Complete Desk Reference and Planning Guide in addition to The Managing Diversity Survival Guide, The Diversity Tool Kit, Diverse Teams at Work, and Managing Diversity in Health Care. Their most recent publication is Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse World with Jorge Cherbosque. 

Anita Rowe effective intercultural communication

Dr. Anita Rowe is a partner in Gardenswartz & Rowe, where for over 37 years she has helped a wide variety of clients such as Cox Communications, IRS, and Notre Dame University manage diversity, build productive and cohesive work teams, and develop inclusive organizational cultures. Anita and her professional partner, Lee Gardenswartz, have co-authored a series of books on diversity and inclusion, including Managing Diversity: A Complete Desk Reference and Planning Guide, Diverse Teams at Work, Managing Diversity in Health Care, and The Global Diversity Desk Reference: Managing an International Workforce.